Are my name servers different subnets? The nameservers for our newly provisioned servers are different subnets. This means the IP's of... Can I upgrade at any time? Can I upgrade at any time? How much does it cost? UpgradeYou can upgrade your account at any... Different Types of Web Hosting Plans Web hosting is a service that serves your website to anyone that visits it. While it's possible... Do I really need a hosting company? We would not recommend hosting your website from your own home. Web hosting can be a laborious... Do you offer WHOIS privacy protection? We do offer WHOIS privacy protection. Do you offer a Trial? Sadly, we do not offer a trial. Trials are usually only used for abuse, and we like to keep our... Do you offer dedicated IPs? We do offer dedicated IPs, to order one, please contact our sales department and request a... Do you support htaccess? Yes, HOSTKET can support htaccess files. Does HOSTKET works with Macs? Yes, our services will work with any operating system that supports a web browser and is... How do I renew my hosting? Your hosting will renew automatically every term, you will receive an invoice 14 days before your... How do I setup a PayPal subscription? If you wish to setup a PayPal subscription so you don't need to manually pay your invoice each... How long does it take for my dedicated IP to be setup? Once you order a dedicated IP, it will automatically set on your account within 10 minutes. If... How long does it take to setup my account? We manually review each order to protect ourselfs from fraud, your account details will be sent... How long have you been in business? Our company was created in 2003. How often do you update programs? We update each program as soon as our server administration team approves it. Often updates are... How to switch hosts without having any down time? Switching to a new host can be a complicated process. Follow the steps below to ensure that your... If I buy a reseller account, will you transfer all my accounts for me? Sadly cPanel hasn't figured out a good way for other resellers to migrate to new hosts... Scheduled Backups Shared and Reseller:You may create manual backups, such as the full backup. You cannot... What is Server Load? Load expresses how many processes are waiting in the queue to access the computer processor. This... What is your Refund Policy? We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on shared web hosting accounts, exluding domain... Why does a domain transfer cost money? Domain transfers cost money at every hosting company because they extend the expiration date of... Why does my account still show pending? We manually review each account to protect ourselfs from fraud. Manual activation can take up to... Will my website work in China? China has a sophisticated firewall. The government blocks many sites because of their variety of... Will you place ads on my site? HOSTKET will NOT place ads on your site. That is one of the many advantages of having a paid...
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